Thursday, November 25, 2010

What's Happening-It's another penguin day on "Turkey Day"

It is Thanksgiving and while most people are thinking about turkey, a dedicated group of staff and volunteers are thinking about another type of bird...Penguins!! Even though the Aquarium is closed to the public we still came in to feed the penguins and clean the exhibit.

When you think of Thanksgiving a lot of things come to mind; "giving thanks", pilgrims, football, the Macy Parade and of course food! Here at the Aquarium we are definitely thinking a lot about food.

Food for the penguins, and snacks for the volunteers

Derek is excited to prep the fish for the penguins on Thanksgiving

Amanda feeding Sea-Cat

On Thanksgiving we usually do an abbreviated day so once all the penguins are feed and are sleeping off their dinner, everyone can be out in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Just hope we didn't fill up on all our snacks.

Sleepy penguins

Refueling on snacks before we head back in for the second feed.

From all of the penguins and the penguin staff "Happy Thanksgiving"


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