Thursday, March 21, 2013

Penguin Fix: Three Species Swimming

As cool as it is to look down at Myrtle and the eels and the rays and the hundreds fish from the Giant Ocean Tank, now cruising through the Tropical Ocean Exhibit, we know many of you would love to see more penguins during our renovations. We wanted to give you a little penguin fix—how 'bout some swimming video!

Parts of this video was used during a recent webcast—but not all! So there should be a little something for every penguin-lover here: little blues diving into the water, rockhoppers porpoising and a raft of African penguins in their temporary home in Quincy.

The special live webcast brought Aquarium members behind the scenes of the little blue penguin exhibit—virtually. Andrea and Heather answered questions about these beloved birds during the Hangout, and the director Project Management and Design also gave some updates about the Giant Ocean Tank construction project. One lucky member who took part in a survey even won a very artful piece of Aquarium history. (If you want in on these special opportunities, too, consider becoming a member!)

Check out the full webcast here! It was originally broadcast on Tuesday, March 19, at 4 pm. 

Of course, if you want to see penguins swimming for yourself, come on down to see the little blues in their temporary exhibit at the Aquarium. You can find their nook near the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. Visiting now means you also get special construction pricing!

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