Saturday, November 8, 2008

An island overview

Isla Terhalten

Today is our last day at Isla Terhalten. Watching from the boat I saw a group of Magellanic penguins on the shoreline that were very hesitant to get started with their early morning fishing trip. What you can't see in this video is the reason for their delay, the group of southern sea lions waiting in the water below.

Our captian, Hugo, brought the Chonos in for close drive by of the entire island for one last look before we head back towards the Beagle Channel. In this video, you can see an imperial cormorant breeding colony on the exposed slope, as well as many southern sea lions lounging on the rocky cliffs. It amazes me that an animal so large and ungainly on land can climb such steep cliffs! Take a look!

- Caitlin


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