Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Many People Ask: Why do those penguins have yellow eyebrows?

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A lot of people wonder about the distinctive yellow feathers, or crests, that are unique to our rockhopper penguins.

Not only do these crests help visitors distinguish rockhoppers from the two other species that live here — African and little blue — they also help the rockhoppers recognize their own species. This is especially useful while the penguins are swimming!

The crests are also used by nesting penguins to attract a mate. While shaking their heads rapidly, the crests whirl around and look very impressive to the opposite sex.

The Northern and Southern rockhoppers have different kinds of crests. Can you tell the difference?


  1. Thanks! I always wondered about that!

  2. cheers makes my home work a whole lot easier

    1. Of course! We're here to help people learn (and love) the ocean and marine animals.