Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What do Caribbean fish have to do with penguins?

Taking care of 85-plus penguins keeps the penguin staff and volunteers very busy each day (with feeding, cleaning and the like); but recently I have needed to squeeze in a little study time into my day. And it is not to learn more about penguins (even though there is always something new to learn). I am studying my Caribbean fish identification.

Why do I need to be able to identify various species of Caribbean fish? Well, I will be one of three Aquarium staff members who will be going down to the Bahamas to take part in our annual Bahamas Collection Expedition this spring  We will be living aboard a dive boat, and scuba diving to collect fish to return to our exhibits in Boston.

And we need your help!

A closer look at my study materials

In addition to the Aquarium staff, certified scuba divers can join us in this unique "working vacation."  There are still spots available for this year's trip in April, click here for more information on this once and a lifetime opportunity. You can also experience this unique adventure through the most recent Bahamas Expedition Blog—meet the divers, see the sights underwater and get a feel for live aboard a working research vessel.

Hope to see you in the Bahamas!

– Andrea

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