Tuesday, November 29, 2011

South Africa #10: No Rest for the Wicked!

Penguin biologist Paul Leonard is in South Africa researching African penguins in the wild on Dassen Island, once home to 600,000 penguins. The following is a photo update from the field, where there are only about 8,000 birds today. 

This island is amazing in every sense. The last few days have been educational and rewarding. The team heads out to the colony everyday collecting as much data as we can. Here's what we see…

African penguin burrows

Learn about the time Paul spent nursing abandoned chicks to health at a local rescue facility here.

Follow the adventures of Paul's co-worker, Jo! Aquarium educator Jo Blasi is still on the mainland in South Africa learn about African penguins and raising abandoned chicks at SANCCOB through their chick bolstering project! Read about her experience on the Explorers Blog.

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