Monday, July 12, 2010

Penguin Pals: Eudyptes II and Chrysocome II

The two penguins I would like to introduce to you today are Eudyptes II and Chrysocome II. Both are southern rockhopper penguins. Eudyptes has a red bracelet on her right wing and Chrysocome has a brown bracelet, also on her right wing.

Eudyptes II

Chrysocome II

Both penguins were born at SeaWorld Orlando (Chrysocome on November 7, 2000, Eudyptes was born about a week later on November 13) and were driven by NEAq penguin staff from Florida to Boston in November of 2009 to help increase the female population of our rockhopper penguin colony. Click here to learn more about their debut on rockhopper island!

Eudyptes and Chrysocome are named after the scientific name for the southern rockhopper. Eudyptes is the genus name and means “good diver” in Latin. Chrysocome is the species name and means “golden hair” in Greek. Together their names mean “golden haired diver”; and even though penguins have feathers instead of hair that name is a very good description of the rockhopper species.

Eudyptes II

- Andrea

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