Monday, July 26, 2010

Penguin Pals: Sea Cat

If you find a penguin standing at the very top of the rockhopper penguin island, that penguin is most likely Sea-Cat.

Sea-Cat on top of island

Sea-Cat is a northern rockhopper with a blue and white bracelet on his left wing. He came to the Aquarium in February of 1985. His territory is at the very top of the island, he spends a good amount of time up there enjoying the cool breeze coming from the air conditioning vents. You can often see his crest feathers flowing in the breeze.

Sea-Cat’s name refers to the term early European sealers used to describe these penguins. The crest feathers probably reminded them of the whiskers of a cat.

Sea-Cat made an appearance in a previous blog. Check out his crests bobbing in the breeze in this previous post about staying cool!

- Andrea

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